2011 Kapa Haka

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2011 Kapa Haka
Cat. Mint Unhinged Fine Used
60c Whakaeke / Te Iti Kahurangi of the Tainui region (Self Adhesive) 708a $1.10
(i) Gummed from miniature sheet 708a1 $1.10
60c Poi / Te Whanau a Apanui from the Mataatua region (Self Adhesive) 708b $1.10
(i) Gummed from miniature sheet 708b1 $1.10
$1.20 Waiata-a-ringa / Te Iti Kahurangi of the Tainui region (Self Adhesive) 708c $2.15
(i) Gummed from miniature sheet 708c1 $2.15
$1.90 Haka / Tuhourangi-Ngati Wahiao of the Te Arawa region (Self Adhesive) 708d $3.40 $3.40
(i) Gummed from miniature sheet 708d1 $3.40
$2.40 Whakawatea / Te Waka Huia from the Tamaki Makaurau region (Self Adhesive) 708e $4.30
(i) Gummed from miniature sheet 708e1 $4.30
$2.90 Moteatea / Whangara mai Tawhiti from the Tairawhiti region (Self Adhesive) 708f $5.20 $5.20
(i) Gummed from miniature sheet 708f1 $5.20
Set of 6 individual stamps 708g $16.40
Self Adhesive Se-tenant Block of two 60 cent, one $1.20, one $1.90, one $2.40 and one $2.90 stamp 708h $17.30
… Six Stamps : 60c (708a), 60c (708b), $1.20 (708c), $1.90 (708d), $2.40 (708e), $2.90 (708f)
Gummed Se-tenant Block of two 60 cent, one $1.20, one $1.90, one $2.40 and one $2.90 stamp from Miniature Sheet 708i $17.30
… Six Stamps : 60c (708a1), 60c (708b1), $1.20 (708c1), $1.90 (708d1), $2.40 (708e1), $2.90 (708f1)
$9.60 Miniature Sheet with two 60 cent, one $1.20, one $1.90, one $2.40 and one $2.90 stamp 708j $17.30
… Six Stamps : Se-tenant Block (708i)
First Day Cover - 17 February 2011 708k $18.00
… 60c (708a), 60c (708b), $1.20 (708c), $1.90 (708d), $2.40 (708e), $2.90 (708f)
Miniature Sheet First Day Cover - 17 February 2011 708l $18.00
… $9.60 (708j)
The term Kapa haka (kapa meaning 'rank' or 'row' and haka refers to a Maori dance) is commonly known in Aotearoa as 'Maori Performing Arts' or the 'cultural dance' of Maori people. Kapa haka is an avenue for Maori people to express their heritage and cultural identity through song and dance.

It can be said that Kapa haka dates back to pre-European times where it developed from all traditional forms of Maori pastimes; haka, mau rakau (Maori weaponry), poi (tiny ball attached to rope or string) and moteatea (traditional Maori songs). The significance of these everyday activitites were influential to the development of kapa haka.

A kapa haka performance involves choral singing, dance and movements associated in the hand-to-hand combat practiced by Maori in precolonial times, presented in a synchronisation of action, timing, posture, footwork and sound. The genre evolved out of a combination of European and Maori musical principles.

Every two years, kapa haka from all parts of New Zealand compete in Te Matatini, New Zealand's national Maori performing arts competition for adult groups. This stamp issue features the winners from the 2009 competition.

The stamps were issued in sheets of self adhesive stamps. Gummed stamps originate from the miniature sheet.

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