2015 Custom Advertising (CALs) / Personalised Postage Labels

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2015 Custom Advertising (CALs) / Personalised Postage Labels
Cat. Mint Unhinged Fine Used
80c Youth Stamp Camp 2015 / Camp Conical Hamner Springs 801aa $1.45
$2 Hobbiton Movie Set NZ 801ab $3.60
80c Kiwi Stamp Circuit 801ac $1.45
80c Arrowtown Post Box in Snow 801ad $1.45
$2 Arrowtown Street Scene 801ae $3.60
80c The Capital Stamp Show 2015 / One Penny King George V Postage 801af $1.45
80c The Capital Stamp Show 2015 / Cenotaph Lion 801ag $1.45
80c Pioneer Basketball Club / Christchurch 801ah $1.45
80c White Faced Heron 801ai $1.45
80c Global Tiger Day / July 24th 2014 801aj $1.45
80c Whittaker's Jelly Tip Chocolate Block 801ak $1.45
80c Woodpecker Hill 801al $1.45
80c The Capital Stamp Show 2015 / Chalon Portrait 801am $1.45
80c The Capital Stamp Show 2015 / Coat of Arms 801an $1.45
80c Totara Hill Montessori School 801ao $1.45
80c Silvereye - Tauhou 801ap $1.45
80c Welcome Swallow - Warou 801aq $1.45
80c We Love DM (Self Adhesive) 801ar $1.45
$2 Hobbiton Movie Set NZ (Self Adhesive) 801as $3.60
80c Chloe Hill and Carter Schwartz Wedding / 16.10.2014 - 18.07.2015 (Self Adhesive) 801at $1.45
80c Affordable Funeral Directors (Self Adhesive) 801au $1.45
80c Quartermain Accountancy / Mt Eden Auckland NZ (Self Adhesive) 801av $1.45
80c Essie Summers Retirement Village (Self Adhesive) 801aw $1.45
80c Lewis Road Creamery (Self Adhesive) 801ax $1.45
80c Speight's Coast to Coast (Self Adhesive) 801ay $1.45
80c Belmont c.1900 (Self Adhesive) 801az $1.45
80c Southland Girls' High School (Self Adhesive) 801ba $1.45
$2 Land and See New Zealand's South Island / (Self Adhesive) 801bb $3.60
80c Entrepreneur of the Year (Self Adhesive) 801bc $1.45
80c Pluto (Self Adhesive) 801bd $1.45
80c Signature Homes (Self Adhesive) 801be $1.45
80c Mahana School (Self Adhesive) 801bf $1.45
80c Tennis Player (Self Adhesive) 801bg $1.45
80c Mike Pero (Self Adhesive) 801bh $1.45
80c Athco Locksmiths Supplies Ltd / Merry Christmas (Self Adhesive) 801bi $1.45
80c Zone IP / Evaluate Secure Guard (Self Adhesive) 801bj $1.45
Set of 36 individual stamps 801bk $57.75
80c Booklet of ten stamps - Wellington New Zealand and Beijing, Xiamen, Tianjin and Zhejiang China 801bl $14.40
... Ten Stamps :
80c Booklet of ten stamps - New Zealand Red Cross 801bm $14.40
... Ten Stamps :

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