1995 Scenic Definitives

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1995 Scenic Definitives
Cat. Mint Unhinged Fine Used
5c Mount Aorangi / Mount Cook 408a $0.45
10c Champagne Pool / Waiotapu Thermal Reserve 408b $0.45
20c Cape Reinga 408c $0.45
30c Mackenzie Country / Central South Canterbury 408d $0.55
40c Mitre Peak / Milford Sound (Issued October 1995) (Simplified) 408e $0.70
(i) Bright blue sky and green foliage / Perf 13½ x 13¾ 408e1 $1.15
(ii) Blue sky, yellow foliage frame and pink tinged clouds and peak / Perf 13½ x 13¾ 408e2 $0.90
(iii) Ultramarine or dull blue sky and a deep olive or deep ochre foliage frame / Perf 13½ x 13¾ 408e3 $1.15
(iv) Ultramarine sky and a deep olive foliage frame from the Southpex '96 Sheetlet / Perf 12 408e4 $1.70
50c Mount Ngauruhoe / Tongariro National Park 408f $0.90
60c Lake Wanaka / Central Otago 408g $1.10
70c Giant Kauri (Tane Mahuta) / Waipoua Forest Northland 408h $1.35
80c Doubtful Sound / Fiordland National Park 408i $1.45
90c Waitomo Limestone Cave / Waikato 408j $1.80
Set of 10 408k $8.75
First Day Cover - 2 October 1995 408m $4.25
… 40c (408e1)
First Day Cover - 27 March 1996 408n $5.10
… Nine Stamps : 5c (408a), 10c (408b), 20c (408c), 30c (408d), 50c (408f), 60c (408g), 70c (408h), 80c (408i), 90c (408j)
Some catalogues include the 1997 Scenic Definitive and 2000 Scenic Definitives stamps under this issue.

This sheetlet of ten 40c stamps was produced to commemorate Southpex '96 which was held in Invercargill on the 15th to 17th of March. The stamps from this sheetlet are the only source of the Perf 12 variety. This sheetlet is listed under 1996 Southpex Exhibition.

The 40 cent stamp was printed five times (not including the 1996 Southpex Exhibition issue) between 1995 and 2003 and each printing has colour variances, some of which are subtle. Each printing has an incrementing number of Kiwis printed on the selvedge which is the primary method of identification if you have the full sheet.

If you don't, first check the perforations and separate out the Perf 12 1996 Southpex Exhibition stamps (408e4 - bottom middle in the photo above) from the remainder which are all Perf 13½ x 13¾.

Then separate out all stamps with slightly pink coloured clouds and snow. These are all 408e2 - they are from the 2 Kiwi printing in 2002 (top middle above).

Next separate out the original issue (no kiwi) stamps which have a lighter bright blue sky and greener frame (408e1 - top left above).

The remaining stamps are all (408e3 - top right above) and resemble the Southpex stamps colour-wise. They are from three different printings: the 1996 1 Kiwi issue which has ultramarine blue sky and a deep olive frame; the 2003 3 Kiwi issue which has a dull blue sky and deep ochre frame; and the 2003/2004 4 Kiwi issue which also has a dull blue sky coupled with a deep olive frame.

The Postage Stamps of New Zealand Volume X
Edited by B.G. Vincent FRPSNZ
Published 2013 by The Royal Philatelic Society of New Zealand Incorporated (ISBN 978-0-9876534-3-7)
Pages 23 - 25
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